G6 Minibems Heat Interface Unit

Heat interface unit Giacomini G6 Minibems, with cover removed


Our G6 Heat Interface Unit when combined with MiniBEMS Optimyse software, monitors and controls your heat network to reduce cost, improve efficiency and increase ease of management.

Benefits Minibems

The G6 Minibems is a high-efficiency Heat Interface Unit (HIU) designed for managing central heating and domestic hot water production. 

Using Minibems' intelligent Building Energy Management System (BEMS), the unit delivers outstanding control authority through the use of the latest pump and valve technology with electronic feedback.


+ Efficient weather compensated variable temperature control for greater energy savings

+ Dynamically lowers operating and return temperatures to meet current demand

+ Lowers the return primary flow temperature to ensure the central boiler condenses effectively (extracting the waste heat from the flue gases)

+ Lowers the return water temperature to maximize Combined Heating and Power (CHP) input for greater cost-savings

+ Provides real time and historical data for ongoing analysis of system performance

+ Remote monitoring and fault diagnostic reduces unplanned maintenance

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System Types

G6 Minibems Twin Plate (Indirect DHW, Indirect Heating)

Twin plate units hydraulically separate the primary and secondary heating systems and allow for instantaneous domestic hot water (DHW) production.

From the preconfigured controller located within the heat interface unit, the Minibems system seamlessly connects the HIU to the building’s heat network devices and hardware, via a cloud based server. This set-up provides visibility of all aspects of the heating environment, enabling the individual unit to respond dynamically to both building and weather conditions.

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Giacomini offer full design and technical support on Heat Networks and actively work towards achieving compliance with CIBSE Code of Practice for Heat Network CP1 2015.

The key to a successful heat networks project is to involve us at an early stage.

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