Mission and Values

Our products give life to water, in order to provide useful services and well-being to people. For this reason, our motto is: “WATER E-MOTION”. At home, in the office, at work and wherever water flows, is heated or is cooled - there is a Giacomini product.

Vision and Mission

divisione materie plastiche

In the future that awaits us, buildings will be less of a "roof over our heads", and more places that are vital to our health, our personal and professional relationships, our well-being and the one of our planet.

As such, they will become more than just buildings - they will increasingly become environments in which light, temperature and water will be used with greater intelligence and a increased sense of responsibility.

In such a scenario, our mission is to become a leading company in the production of components and systems that use water to produce comfort, to manage water usage "in situ" and to extinguish fire. All of this with a strong green attitude.

Buildings in the future will become fundamental spaces for human well-being and the planet's too

Marinella Showroom, Naples

Among some of the most symbolic locations in Naples, there is a small corner shop with a lot of meaning for the whole city and beyond. Marinella began its tradition as a family-run workshop - just like Giacomini - crafting fine ties, shirts and suits at the beginning of the XX century. Today the brand is synonym for Italian passion, craftmanship and attention to detail. When Marinella decided to expand the historic shop, we installed Giacomini underfloor radiant systems throughout the boutique.

The Shard, London

Once at the top of the Shard, the tallest skyscraper in Europe, you will see London as you have never seen it before. A true vertical city designed by Renzo Piano, the building reshapes the city skyline and serves as an inspiration for change. The panoramic platform - split between floor 69th and 72nd - where visitors enjoy unparalleled 360 degree views for up to 40 miles, features Giacomini underfloor radiant systems.

Titilaka Hotel, Titicaca Lake

Soaked in the spirit of ancient Inca culture and immersed in the wilderness of Peruvian mountains, Titilaka Hotel sits quietly on the shores of Lake Titicaca. This remote, spectacular and understated luxury lodge, is a retreat for the curious and adventurous. The hotel, extremely environment-conscious, is situated at 3900 meters above the sea level, and runs with Giacomini radiant systems.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Standing more than 828 meters tall - more than 2,700 feet - and counting 160 floors, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest man-made structure to date. It breaks all Guinness records: tallest tower, highest number of floors, highest elevator, highest panoramic platform... The skyscraper is the perfect example extreme applications for our products and systems. Giacomini is inside the skyscraper with our Fire Protection range.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is founded upon four main principles:

THE CUSTOMER: Our customers is the center of everything we do. We strive to offer them the best, most useful and up-to-date solutions. Day in, day out - this is our work.

THE PRODUCT: We are a manufacturing company. Our factories are "our heart". We work from raw materials with craftsman’s passion and skill, to create useful things for people and for society. Because of this, quality and innovation are our everyday mantra.

PROFI:. Without profit, there is no business. At the same time, though, there is no company without a sense of belonging. This is why we believe in pursuing sustainable profit: revenue and margin growth, keeping in mind environmental and social sustainability.

PEOPLE. People are our most valuable resource. Passion cannot be measured, but it makes the difference between doing things badly or doing them well, between artlessly performing a task or pouring oneself into going beyond the goal to find a better solution. Passion is the factor that differentiates mediocrity and excellence. This is why our people are the key asset in our budget.

Organization Model and Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is a statement that outlines the most significant core values ​​in which we believe as a company. The Code addresses the rights, duties and responsibilities of all those who work with Giacomini in any capacity: managers, directors, employees, consultants, agents, business partners and, more generally, all those who work with the company regardless of the nature of the collaboration itself.

This code is part of the "Organisation, Management and Control Model", as provided for by Article 6 of Legislative Decree 231/2001 regarding the "administrative liability of legal persons", approved at the Board of Governors on 16/10/2012. "Model 231" is a set of principles, procedures and regulations that impact upon the inner workings of the company and on the way in which it interacts with the outside world, ensuring appropriate mechanisms to prevent crimes from being committed by any parties involved with the company.

The reasons that led the company, in March 2012, to launch the project for the adoption of this model can be found in our desire to introduce an organisational model that would enable the company to operate in harmony with existing regulations, with a view to achieving our ambitious aims to improve and to render the most important decision making processes more clear, transparent and better organised, with the ultimate goal of protecting the interests of the company as a "greater good" vis-a-vis individual employees.

"We want the constant application of the principles from our Code of Ethics to a daily commitment for our people working inside and for Giacomini. We are confident that this important step goes in the direction of constant improvement, and will allow the company - and by extension, all of us - to look to the future with confidence. " (Elia Filiberti - CEO)


We want the values from the Code of Ethics to become part of a daily effort towards integrity for all who work with Giacomini, to make a brighter future for ourselves and our stakeholders