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The first installation of our new flow control range


The Ipswich Walk development in Chelmsley Wood, Solihull, will be the home to the first UK installation of our new flow control products.

The £2million construction project is creating 21 housing units to provide temporary accommodation facilities. This saw the demolition of an existing development which was no longer deemed fit for purpose, and replacing it with modern, new apartments.

To ensure maximum efficiency within the homes, our heat interface units have been installed throughout the development. By helping tenants lower their fuel bills, heat interface units have emerged as an effective and economic solution to overcoming the difficulties posed by multi-dwelling properties seeking instantaneous heating and hot water. This is enhanced at Ipswich Walk with the installation of energy and water meters within the HIUs, which enables tenants and landlords to observe the dwelling’s energy consumption.

To accompany the HIUs, we have also supplied two of our new balancing valve sets. This is the first installation of the sets for Giacomini. Our new balancing valve set is made with multi-dwelling properties in mind so is ideal for the Ipswich Walk project. The valve set helps to optimise the efficiency of communal heating systems by carefully balancing the heating network throughout. With the new balancing valve set installed on each return branch of the main pipe network, the flow can be set and regulated for each individual branch, ensuring the correct flow. The balancing valve set also has the option to include a bypass configuration, ensuring constant flow around the entire pipe system.

Matt Lowe, managing director of Giacomini, commented: “We are constantly looking to evolve our product offering and our new valve sets are the perfect way to do that. Along with underfloor heating, our heat interface units form a considerable part of our business so we wanted to ensure that our customers have everything they could possibly need to ease installation, as well as boost the benefits of efficiency and end-user cost”.