Key for the replacement of the bonnet
Universal adjustable tailpiece
Fitting with loose nut
Universal adjustable tail piece self-sealing
Front cover for pipe
Front cover for valves
Front cover for valves
Fitting with loose nut.
Automatic air vent valve
Allen key
Adapter for thermostatic heads or chronothermostatic heads
Ring for thermostatic heads
Torx type screw for protection R455C
Protection for R470 thermostatic heads
Protection for thermostatic head R470H
Protection for thermostatic head R460
Protection for thermostatic head R460H
Copper chrome plated 20 cm pipe
Single fitting with front cover
Single fitting
Double connection fitting for sanitary distribution
Sanitary system connection, female-adaptor connections
End piece for use during the assembly of R573D
Radiator air vent
Draining device for lockshield valves
Allen key
Regulation key for PTG series valves
Air vent key for R90, R91
Key for tail pieces
Protective and anti-corrosion liquid
Draining plug with manual valve
Radiator plug with air vent
Radiator plug