Weekly chronothermostat, surface mounting installation

Weekly chronothermostat with large touchscreen display, surface mounting installation.
Also available in chronothermostat/humidostat version.
Operating mode in heating and cooling, with weekly/daily/timed program and the possibility of manual operation.
Built-in sensor for relative ambient humidity.
Temperature adjustment range: 2÷40 °C.
EC certification.


Powered by 2 AA 1,5 V batteries. Output relay with voltage-free exchange contact, 5(3)A, 250 Vac. Suitable for commanding electrical actuators.

For commanding dehumidifiers (chronothermostat/humidistat).
Powered by 2 AA 1,5V batteries (for the internal clock).
Powered from the mains (230 Vac, 50 Hz) for backlighting and internal thermostat functions, via the external module.
External module with 2 output relays with voltage-free exchange contact, 5(3)A, 250 Vac.
Built-in sensor for relative ambient humidity, for activating dehumidifier terminals supplied with the radiant system.
Suitable for commanding electrical actuators and dehumidifiers.

Code Size Pack Single Pack Multiple
K492AY001 2 batteries AA 1,5 V 1 -
K492DY001 batteries AA + 230 V 1 -



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