Weekly chronothermostat, surface mounting installation

Weekly chronothermostat with touchscreen display, surface mounting installation.
Operating mode in heating and cooling, with weekly/daily/timed program and the possibility of manual operation.
Built-in sensor for relative ambient humidity.
Temperature adjustment range: 2÷40 °C.
EC certification.


Powered from the mains (230 Vac, 50 Hz). Equipped with 2 output relays (voltage-free exchange contact, 5(3)A, 250 Vac) for commanding heating/cooling systems (thermo-electric actuators) and integrated management of dehumidification (air treatment units).
Possibility to connect auxiliary supply temperature probe (K463PY001) for the management of alarms and system block (Dew Point control, max. temperature in heating mode, minimum temperature in cooling mode).

Powered by 2 AA 1,5 V batteries. Output relay with voltage-free exchange contact, 5(3)A, 250 Vac. Suitable for commanding electrical actuators.

* Limited quantities available.

Code Size Pack Single Pack Multiple
K492DY012 230 V 1 -
K492AY001 2 batteries AA 1,5 V * 1 -
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