Mixing unit without circulator

Mixing unit for HVAC systems, without circulator. Composed of:
- 3-way mixing valve with M30x1,5 mm connection.
- Primary and secondary lockshields for flow regulation.
- Housing for delivery temperature probe.
- Metal spacer to insert the circulator, centre distance 180 mm.
- Ball valves for circulator installation.
- Manual air vent valves.
- Drain cocks.
- Thermometers.
Temperature range: 5÷110 °C
Max. working pressure: 10 bar

The unit can be mounted with:
- Delivery and return manifolds
- Circulator
- K281X012 actuator for mixing valve
- Components for thermoregulation
- R553AY002 or R553AY003, 1" high temperature kit

Code Size Pack Single Pack Multiple
R559NY043 1" 1 -



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