Floating Floor Systems

Floating floor underfloor heating system by Giacomini


Floating floor overlay systems are installed directly onto concrete or solid wooden subfloors and provide a dry-finish option, with no need for screed. Aluminium diffusion plates are used to provide an even heat transfer across the floor.

Benefits Floating

Floating Floor Systems provide a lightweight and easy to install underfloor heating solution for both new build and renovation projects.



+ Reduced system build-up

+ Fast system response times due to low mass

+ Pre-formed panel grooves maintain pipe centres

+ Even heat distribution from diffusion plates 

+ Quick, easy, dry installation

+ No screed and subsequent drying times

+ For use with a wide range of floor coverings

+ Suitable for buildings with structural weight limitations

+ Helps to reduce impact sound from upper floors


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System Types

Floating Floor System

The term floating floor relates to the method in which the final floor finish is laid. Flooring is placed on top of but not directly fixed to the system’s insulation panels below, creating a dry-finish “floating” structure.

The floating floor installation is simple, with the floor-build up consisting of pre-formed insulation (XPS or EPS) panels laid on to a solid concrete subfloor or suspended timber deck. Aluminium diffusion plates are pressed into the insulation grooves to spread the heat evenly across the floor, before pipe is inserted at 200mm centres. This creates an even surface for the floor finish to be applied. Please note some floor finishes may require an intermediate layer to be installed above the insulation, such as dry screed boards.

Floating floors can help to reduce the load within a building due to the systems’ lower weight and build-up depths, when compared to traditional solid floor systems.


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