Low-Profile Solid Floor Systems

Low profile underfloor heating system by Giacomini


Our low-profile options can achieve a total system height from as low as 20mm (including screed). This provides valuable extra space whilst significantly reducing floor weight and therefore structural loads. 

Benefits Low-Profile

Giacomini's low-profile solutions have been designed for new build and renovation projects requiring an underfloor heating system, where floor depth is limited due to room height restrictions.



+ Total system height from as low as 20mm (including self-leveling screed)

+ Helps to lower floor weight and reduce structural loads

+ Shorter reaction times due to lower thermal inertia

+ Improves floor strength integrity & reduces the risk of screed cracking

+ Excellent resistance to concentrated load, making it very sturdy during installation

+ Suitable for use with both self-leveling screeds and ready-mixed screeds

+ Secures the pipe firmly helping to avoid damage

+ Pipe centres can be maintained accurately with no manual tacking

+ Made from 100% recycled plastic polypropylene*

*Spider system only

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System Types

Castellated Grid System (Low-Profile)

Giacomini’s low-profile ‘Spider’ grid systems have been designed for new build and renovation projects, where floor depth is limited due to room height restrictions. Made with recycled high-resistance PPR, the products’ patented geometry uses a three-dimensional open lattice castellated panel to hold the pipe firmly in place.

The interlocking panels can easily be installed over existing subfloors* to form a continuous layer in which the pipework is neatly laid according to the system design. The panels’ design ensures that the pipework is completely embedded in the screed for even temperature distribution with a low degree of thermal inertia. 

The Spider Slim system with 12 mm PEX-b cross-linked polyethylene pipework can achieve a total system height of as low as 20mm (including screed).

The Spider system with 16-18 mm PEX-b cross-linked polyethylene pipework can achieve a total system height of as low as 25mm (including screed).

Across the Spider ranges there are three panel configurations available: Self-adhesive, with insulation pins and with high-density insulation. Please note, system height varies depending on the option selected.

* Edge insulation and a sealed vapour barrier must be in place before commencing.

Gypsum-Fibre Overlay System (Low-Profile)

Low-profile overlay system ideal for retrofit applications. Using strong and durable gypsum-fibre panels the system can easily be installed over existing subfloors. 

Each panel is 18mm in thickness, which neatly houses the 12mm polybutylene pipework. Three panel designs are available including sections for delivery and return pipework and manifold connections. Each panel measures 1200 x 600 mm and weighs around 15kg (21kg/m2), making it suitable for one person lifts.

The dense gypsum-fibre construction contains no plastic supports, allowing a high heat output from 100% of its surface. 

The system’s panel assembly makes it quick to install, reducing disruption and time on site. It is compatible with a wide variety of floor coverings, including carpets, tiles, wooden and laminate flooring. For most floor coverings a thin 5mm separating layer of floor leveller (fluid screed) is required.


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