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Our personal & proactive underfloor heating (UFH) services have been designed to deliver a seamless and stress-free experience for you and your client. We achieve this by supporting architects, consultants, local authorities and developers with dedicated technical support, performance driven designs and components that are built to last.


Excellence As Standard 

We provide first-hand technical support, via our UK based team of experienced engineers and skilled design technicians. To give you the best possible service we actively work with you end-to-end, from initial design and product specification, through to manufacture, system installation and commissioning.

Building business relationships with results.

We know actions speak loud than word, which is why 15 years on we remain a mainstay of the UK underfloor heating sector. 

System Benefits

Unlock the benefits of underfloor heating:

- UFH has lower ventilation heat losses compared to convection systems

- UFH's low flow temperatures improve efficiency and compatibility with renewable sources

- UFH mirrors the ideal comfort curve

- UFH's lower surface temperatures reduces the risk of burns

- UFH's reduced air movement lowers the circulation of dust and draughts

- UFH provides greater architectural freedom and interior design options

- UFH has low lifecycle and maintenance costs

- UFH's independent circuit controls allow greater management of energy consumption

Systems & Services

Once an enquiry has been received, our UK team of skilled engineers and design technicians will determine the most suitable system type(s) for the application and generate a quotation to comply with any mechanical and/or architectural specifications provided.

We aim to return the quotation within 5 days, however we will try our best to accommodate shorter schedules.

At order stage we allocate each project a dedicated project engineer who will create the system design, ensuring it meets the requirements of BS EN 1264 Parts 1-3. A digital copy of the design proposal is provided for review. 

We keep our finger on the pulse with regards to the latest materials and control options to ensure we continue to provide superior UFH systems that are both reliable and cost effective.

In order to meet the most stringent international standards, Giacomini’s manufacturing facilities in Italy have obtained integrated quality, health & safety and environment certifications, in accordance with standards UNE-EN ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and EN ISO 14001.

We hold stock of a majority of underfloor heating components at our Bristol warehouse, so your system can be ready for quick dispatch.

The installation will be completed in accordance with BS EN 1264 Part 4.

We have a number of long-standing partnerships with experienced contractors who coordinate all installation works, including screed and system commissioning.   

Our combined Giacomini design and approved installed UFH systems come with a 10-year system warranty* (excluding controls).

*Terms and conditions apply.

System Type UFH

Low-Profile Solid Floor Systems

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Suspended Floor Systems

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Floating Floor Systems

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Installing UFH within a new build is now commonplace for both residential and commercial properties (e.g. education, healthcare, leisure, retail, public buildings). 

When incorporated during the project’s design stage the system can be easily tailored to provide a cost-effective solution, which fits neatly into the build schedule.

The choice between solid and timber floor systems is governed by two main factors: the subfloor type and the finished flooring.

Underfloor heating can result in an energy saving of up to 15% on domestic fuel bills over traditional heating systems, when the system has been installed correctly and is using a suitable setback facility. This can increase to as high as 40% for larger commercial properties.*

*Fuel bill savings are dependent on the system installed and how it is used.

Though typically associated with new builds due to the space requirements for pipe and insulation, advancements in low height wet underfloor heating solutions have enabled systems to be retro-fitted with little increase in floor height.

Retro-fit systems, such as the Spider Low-Profile (R979S), can be laid quickly on top of existing concrete or suspended timber floors, avoiding the time and expense of excavating existing structures or disturbing fittings.

This simplifies the modernisation of properties, allowing older buildings to benefit from an energy upgrade and efficient heating.

Our tailor-made underfloor heating designs can be adapted to meet the requirements of speciality installations, such as anaerobic digestion (AD) plants. See our case studies for more information.

Specialist systems with high acoustic performance are also available to minimise impact and airborne noise.

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"We’re delighted to have established a partnership with Giacomini. Now into our 15th year of working together we continue to have a great rapport with their team, who pride themselves on delivering a high standard of service. They are a reputable company whose professionalism precedes them, never compromising on the quality of their work. We’re proud to be partners with them now & in the future.”


"Great service with products and systems to match! We installed Giacomini Underfloor heating at Mulberry Park Community Hub, which recently won ‘Community Benefit’ at the RICS Awards, South West."