Suspended Floor Systems

Giacomini joisted underfloor heating suspended floor system


Suspended floor systems can be laid between joists using double aluminium diffusion plates or over joists with cross battens positioned on a sub-deck. 

Benefits Suspended

Suspended floor systems have a low thermal mass, which reduces the response time and ensures minimal uplift in floor height.



+ Reduced system build-up

+ Fast system response times due to low mass

+ Pre-formed plate grooves maintain pipe centres

+ Even heat distribution from diffusion plates 

+ Quick, easy, dry installation

+ No screed and subsequent drying times

+ For use with a wide range of floor coverings

+ Suitable for buildings with structural weight limitations

+ Compatible with a wide range of acoustic floor solutions


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System Types

Plate System

Giacomini’s standard plated underfloor heating system is installed between existing joists to prevent an increase in floor height. The space between joists also houses the system’s insulation whilst allowing room for other plumbing and electrical services.

Aluminium diffusion plates are fitted from above and fixed between the joists using screws or nails. Each plate has preformed grooves that neatly embed the pipework and ensure that centres are maintained. Once installed the plates help to diffuse the heat evenly across the floor area. Please note, outputs from plated systems are limited to around 70W/m2*

In order to determine whether a projects’ proposed floor construction is suitable for a plate floor system, we recommend for planning to begin in the early project stages.

* Dependant on floor finishes & desired ambient temperatures

Cross-Battened Plate System

Cross-battened plate systems are suited to applications where joist centres are not consistently spaced, or where a solid subfloor exists. 

In the case of a joisted system the floor is firstly boarded with timber and then cross battens fixed at 400mm centre to centre. For solid floor applications the cross battens are fixed directly to the concrete deck. 

The floor battens create a void for the systems’ insulation, as well as other plumbing and electrical services. Diffusion plates are then fixed between the battens using screws or nails, with the underside of the plate supported by the insulation.


Sprung Plate System

Giacomini’s sprung plate system is ideal for indoor sports and dance halls as well as multipurpose leisure applications. The raised batten structure absorbs shock and lowers impact levels, which reduces the risk of injury and fatigue for users of the facility.

The systems’ battens have a resilient foam layer or levelling cradle attached to the underside, making the structure semi-sprung. This also includes acoustic properties to help reduce sound transmission through the floor.

The system is loose laid directly onto the solid subfloor, with an expansion gap around the perimeter to allow for changes in temperature and humidity. Once the battens are in place the remaining installation is similar to a traditional plated system.


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