Legal information

As established by art. 42 of the 2008 Community Law - Law no. 88/09, reported in the Ordinary Supplement to the Official Gazette no. 161 transposing certain obligations Community Giacomini SpA will publish on its website the legal information therein.

Company Name: Giacomini S.p.A.

Registered Office: Via for Alzo, 39-28017 San Maurizio D'Opaglio (NO) - Italy

Registration Number and Office of the Register: 194 845 - Novara

Capital Actually Paid: € 50,666,520

Capital Reported as of the Last Budget: € 50,666,520

VAT Number: 01792290031

Tax Number: 01856080062

The company is subject to the direction and coordination of ALBERTO GIACOMINI HOLDING Sas Alberto Giacomini.


Company Name: Giacomini UK Limited

Registered Office: Unit 2, Goodrich Close, Westerleigh Business Park, Yate, South Gloucestershire, BS37 5YT, United Kingdom

Company Registration Number: 04614005


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